Financial Aid Management Software

Bestow scholarship and awards based on valuable insights.

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Financial Aid Management Software

​Confidently make financial aid award decisions and simplify the application process
with Blackbaud’s Smart Aid software for K-12 private schools and small colleges.

Simplify the application process. Gain valuable insight.

What you know—or, more importantly, what you don’t know—about an applicant’s true economic picture can significantly impact the ability to award financial aid equitably.

Customize financial aid applications to ask questions important to your institution and gain the best insight into each applicant’s finances through our proprietary hobbies, interests, and lifestyle (HIL) calculations. All of which give you relevant knowledge for critical financial aid award decisions and help provide a streamlined experience for applicants.

With Blackbaud Financial Aid, you’ll:

  • Analyze with great precision to make informed financial aid decisions
  • Create an intuitive user experience for applicants with a configurable, mobile friendly online application
  • Increase efficiency with an automated financial aid process

Simplifying the Process

  • Provide convenient, mobile friendly access to checking an application status
  • Expand reach with an online application available in English or Spanish
  • Send awards to the applicant’s account in Blackbaud Tuition Management

Eliminating Second-Guessing

  • Customize the application form to collect priority information
  • Configure the calculation settings with the guidance of implementation experts
  • Design an equitable formula based on your policies and enrollment parameters
  • Receive award recommendations through comprehensive reporting

Increasing Efficiency

  • Prompt timely application and documentation submission with email reminders
  • Save time and gain confidence from Blackbaud’s experienced team reviewing each application and verifying financial information
  • Manage awards and control financial aid disbursement with budget tools
  • Create and send award letters through an established template

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