Wordpress Ongoing Services (OGS)

Ongoing services for WordPress

Note: Ongoing Services for WordPress is no longer sold with new subscriptions but hours purchased as part of a renewal may still be honored

WordPress Ongoing Services (OGS) is a subscription that is initially sold alongside the WordPress Legacy offering. It is now only granted as part of a renewal of the WordPress Legacy offering. The subscription allows us to continue to serve our customers beyond the initial design and development of the WordPress website. The subscription includes:

  • Access to the Ongoing Services Retainer
  • 3 years access to Blackbaud Support of WordPress
  • 3 years of PCI Compliant WordPress web hosting

OGS (Ongoing Services) is also available as a services retainer for all WordPress clients hosted by Blackbaud. This retainer allows Blackbaud to continue to serve our clients beyond the delivery of the website, by offering assistance during the run-up to and past the go-live date enabling them to be more successful online. A client has OGS when they have purchased a subscription to WordPress Hosting & Support and has hours left on their retainer. Anytime an Out of Scope request is made with Blackbaud Support, OGS can be considered as an alternative to meet your needs.

Unlike Blackbaud Support, which is a dedicated team ready to asset you immediately, Ongoing Services requests are subject to the Interactive Services Team’s availability. Once a request is made, the Services Team will respond back to you within 72 hours with an estimate of the hours needed to complete your request and a timeframe for delivery. If your remaining Ongoing Services hours are insufficient to complete your request, the Services Team will work with you to generate a quote for additional hours to complete your request via Times & Materials Change Orders.

Scope of ongoing services

Ongoing Services is a retainer package for the use of any service offered by the Interactive Services Team as long as that service will be applied to the existing WordPress site delivered by Blackbaud.

Examples of services covered:
  • Template changes
  • Additional 1:1 training
  • Content updates
  • Client Communication & Consultation
Examples of services not covered:
  • Site redesign
  • Customization services including JavaScript customization, Plugin installation (see plugin policy), or Custom Plugin creation.
  • Microsite/multisite creation
  • Edits or updates to other Blackbaud Products (Luminate, NetCommunity, Sphere, eTapestry, Altru) outside of WordPress
  • Changes the core files of WordPress

Please note: Administrative tasks such resource assignment, client requested reporting, and client communication all fall within the charter of the Ongoing Service hours.

Example of the typical OGS request

  1. Client has 36 OGS hours as part of WordPress Hosting + Support Subscription.
  2. Client contacts Blackbaud Support for assistance with a training refresher – they have had staff turnover, and need to get their new IT person ramped up on the site.
  3. Blackbaud Support recognizes this request is outside the Scope of standard support.
  4. Blackbaud Support advises Client that while this request is outside of their Support agreement, they have OGS for just these sort of issues. Blackbaud Support Informs client that OGS requests are dependent on services team lead time and bandwidth.
  5. Blackbaud Support transfers the OGS Request to the Services Team. At this point, the Support Case is closed.
  6. Interactive Services receives OGS request from Blackbaud Support.
  7. Interactive Services reaches out to Client, thanking them for utilizing OGS, and if the initial request had enough information, provides a quote of OGS hours that will be used out of the total remaining for this request and also provides a lead time for the work to start.
  8. If any clarification is needed regarding Client’s request, Interactive Services reaches out to clarify request and then provides the above information.
  9. Upon Client’s confirmation of provides hours estimate and lead time, Interactive Services informs Client of their assigned designer and their request is scheduled.
  10. Assigned Designer reaches out to Client once project is scheduled to start and completes the OGS request.

Ongoing services when self hosting

While Blackbaud will make every effort to troubleshoot coding errors and implement requested style changes, these may take more time than normal to carry out due to the nature of the 3rd Party hosting environment. Resolution of coding errors is not guaranteed when using self-hosting.